Loose Change & Blank Paper: The Start

So, having just moved house and coming across a box of the first chucks of what became to Windward, I realized this blog has gone woefully under utilized. So here it goes.

When “we can make that game” started to turn into actually making that game, it’s funny to think how basic and ramshackle everything was. On a picnic table poorly painted with white semigloss on our back porch on Tower St., we spread out a bunch of spare change, beer caps, pencils and printer paper and started brain storming.

We started with the heart of what we wanted the game to be about, sailing and the wind. This was to be the key to motion across the board and the key mechanic of what became, To Windward. It was funny how much of what we were doing reminded me of when my older brother and I would play Indiana Jones in the bushes as kids. Of course me being younger, I never got to be Indy and was always stuck as being Short Round in the constantly evolving story driven by “how ‘bouts”.

Instead of it being revolver and whip centric, it was “how ‘bout the wind does this” and then we flesh it out. Going until we hit find a game-braking snag or the idea leads to another concept. This was how drawing little grids and using spare pennies, we started to build what became the game.