This blog is just a recounting of my experiences as I try to build Tower St. Games. 


This is the first of what i hope will be a good blog about how Tower St. Games was born as well as some other notes, tidbits and even reviews of other board games.

So, here's how it starts:

It was just about a year ago now that my friend Nate and I were in the Dogwood in Jamaica Plain, MA having a beer and just talking. We were discussing recent plays of 7 Wonders and other games when I mentioned that I wish there was a game that was about sailing in the 18th Century, but more than just a "yarr pirates!" game, one where the wind, sailing and the sea felt like characters in the story.

Nate's reply was, "we can make that game." And so it began. 

Dogwood Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA