History & Founders

Tower St. Games' founding goes back to a small 3 bedroom apartment on Tower St. in Boston, Massachusetts. It is here where co-founders Christopher Moriarty and Nate Bade could often be found around the coffee table playing a game late into the night with their friends and partners.

In November of 2015, after the founders had parted ways as roommates, the concept of Tower St. Games was born when Chris mentioned that he wished "a game about ships with real-life sailing mechanics" existed. Nate's replied with a matter-of-fact "we can make that game". The next day we took our first steps as game designers and began working out concepts and mechanics for what became To Windward! - The Lunar Islands.

Now, as To Windward! - The Lunar Islands begins to make its way towards final play-testing and a retail release, we are working on developing new titles and expansions. Our focus is to build games that "should" exist. We want to create games that are fun, exciting and unique. Most importantly, whether as a captain on the high seas, a world-renown virologist, or 19th century detective, Tower St. Games wants its players to not just play, but to experience the worlds we create.

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